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*LIST of Library Information: WiFi & Web Access


Campus is closed  Please take a moment to view the FVTC resource page on the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Librarians are available: Email us at 
Summer Virtual Office Hours 8:00AM - 4:30PM Mon. - Fri.

All items have been renewed until July 15th.  We will post where you can drop them off, as soon as we know!

Off-campus access to online databases and e-books

Off-campus access to online databases and e-books is available to current FVTC students, faculty, & staff.

To access FVTC Library databases from off-campus
through the Library proxy:

Students: Username is your MyFVTC (EX: )
Password is your MyFVTC password.

Staff: Username is your network (EX:
Password is your network (MyFVTC) password.
You must place after your ID or it will not work

Use FVTC-Secure OR FVTC-Public to connect to FVTC WiFi

The network for all your devices (either college or personal) is:  FVTC-Secure
Staff can use their network ID (the regular staff login, without the "" at the end) and current password to log in.
Students can use this network too, using their nine-digit student ID number (do not add "") and current password. 

  • By using your sign-in information, you accept the College's Acceptable Computer Use Policy. Please don't allow others to log in with your account!
  • This network will require you to enter your staff/student user ID and MyFVTC password to access it, but once that is entered, you may choose to allow the network to automatically connect to your phone, device or laptop when you come to ANY FVTC Campus or Regional Center.

If your computer does not auto-detect the wireless settings, set the wireless card to "Infrastructure" or "Access Point" mode. Set the SSID to FVTC-Secure if you have an active MyFVTC account, or, if you are a Guest, then set it to FVTC-Public.

If you use FVTC-Public, you will need to go to the FVTC webpage to accept the terms of use agreement every time you re-connect to the FVTC WiFi network.

Here are a few questions you might have:
I have an active MyFVTC account. How do I get on the new network?

  • First, we recommend that you “Forget” any older FVTC networks on your device (such as ENTP-AES). You can do this in your device settings or device WiFi connections. 
  • Then, in your device settings or WiFi connections, search for or “discover” all wireless networks. 
  • Select "FVTC-Secure," then enter in your user ID and password.  

I do not have an active MyFVTC account? How do I get on the new network?

  • Inactive accounts or guests will have access to FVTC-PublicThis network does NOT require a password to use, although you will still need to accept FVTC's terms of use.

 What happens when I change my password?

  • Most devices will prompt you for a new WiFi password when your device detects a change. Otherwise, you may have to repeat the steps above in order to reconnect.
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Please take a moment to view the FVTC resource page on the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Librarians are available: Email us at

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