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*LIST of Library Information: Printing/Copying/Scanning

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Printing at FVTC

  • Current students have a $25 allowance per semester enrolled, but it does not roll-over.  Any money added with credit card rolls over but cannot be refunded. 
  • Guests and non-current students can purchase a card with login codes for $1, $5 or $10.  Black & White pages 10 cents per page. Color 35 cents per page.

Print from home or laptop:  
Log into with your MyFVTC credentials. 
Select Web Print
Select submit a job.
Pick black and white or color print
Choose number of copies & select Upload Document(s)
Select Upload & Complete.
Submit a job and then go to campus to print off any copier. 

Print from networked computer on campus: 
Printer default is to ReleasePrint Cloud Storage. 
Select Printer Properties to change defaults like black and white print to color or and double sided to single sided.
Print off any copier. If you need color, ask which printers have color toner ink.

Log into printer
Log in with your MyFVTC credentials to access functions.
Three functions available:  Print release, printer device functions, and scanner. 
Print release screen, you select document and then delete or print.
Device functions screen: Adjust printer settings as needed. 
Scan screen, choose destination of scan: Digital document to email, FAX, or save in OneDrive.

PRINTING use your MyFVTC ID and Password

find a printer on campus figure

GUEST login and printing news

Print costs

For each term in which you are enrolled in classes, you will be provided an allowance of $25 to be used for course-related printing and copying. This is not a charge to you but merely an allowance. The $25 allowance is only per semester you are enrolled and does not carry over into the next semester.  

You can add money with a credit-card to your papercut account only if you are enrolled.  Money added by credit card will remain in your account after the semester ends but can not be refunded. 

More info at :

If you are not currently enrolled, then we have guest print cards you can purchase and use like a student ID to allow printing. The FVTC Library offers cards in 1,5,& 10 dollar increments. For guest cards, it is 10 cents per black and white printed page, and 35 cents per color printed page.

Print from Microsoft Document options:  

You can save to" ReleasePrint on apppdrn1" option or to pdf saved to computer.

Printing & Copying (You must have a MyFVTC Account)

Will my current ID badge work on the new printers? Yes! No need to get a new ID badge if you already have one. As long as your current badge has the magnetic stripe on the back of the card it can be used for releasing print jobs.

How do I use my ID badge for printing? The first thing you will need to do is register your badge at a printer. Swipe your card at the printer and follow the prompts on the screen to register your badge.

Can I enter my credentials at the printer to log in? Yes, this is still an option. However, the new printers will not have keyboards so you will need to use the display screen to enter your credentials. In this scenario, it is very important that the displays are sanitized properly between users.

Can my department continue to share a badge? It is recommended that each employee use their own badge for printing. Only the person who submits the print job to the secure queue will be able to release the job. Scanning to email or making copies will work the same as it always has.

Check defaults before printing.
Default is Double-sided & Black and White 
Use "Printer Properties" to change defaults.
​For color choose Auto Color

Username  is your student ID number
​Password is your 
MyFVTC password

Students that are currently enrolled start with a $25 allowance per semester enrolled, re-set at the beginning of each semester. Enrolled students can add money by credit card.

If you have no money in your printing account, or you are not currently enrolled, contact library staff for assistance. We use the PaperCut program to facilitate the process of charging for printing and photocopies.

You can use the photocopier to scan a document to your email address for free.


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