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*LIST of Open Educational Resources: OERs by Program or Topic

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Designing the Digital World

Foundations of Management Information Systems

The Missing Link: An Introduction to Web Development and Programming

Section 1: Web Development

Chapter 1: Brief History of the Internet

Chapter 2: Current Trends

Chapter 3: Web Servers

Chapter 4: Network Basics

Chapter 5: Website Design

Chapter 6: Development

Section 1 Assessments

Section 2: Document Markup

Chapter 7: Markup Languages

Chapter 8: Creating HTML Files

Chapter 9: Page Layout

Chapter 10: Text Layout

Chapter 11: Navigation

Chapter 12: Graphics

Chapter 13: Tables

Chapter 14: Forms

Chapter 15: Canvas

Chapter 16: Media Support

Chapter 17: Mobile Device Support

Chapter 18: Tags to Avoid

Chapter 19: Rule Structure

Chapter 20: Layout Formatting

Chapter 21: Font and Text Decoration

Chapter 22: Responsive Styling

Section 2 Assessments

Section 3: Scripting Languages

Chapter 23: Server-Side and Client-Side Scripting

Chapter 24: Creating PHP Files

Chapter 25: PHP Errors

Chapter 26: PHP Output

Chapter 27: Data Storage

Chapter 28: Data Manipulation

Chapter 29: Email

Chapter 30: File Interaction

Chapter 31: Structures

Chapter 32: Functions

Chapter 33: Objects and Classes

Chapter 34: JavaScript Syntax

Chapter 35: JavaScript Examples

Chapter 36: jQuery

Section 3 Assessments

Section 4: Persistent Data Storage

Chapter 37: Database Types

Chapter 38: Data Relationships

Chapter 39: MySQL Data Types

Chapter 40: Normalization

Chapter 41: MySQL CRUD Action

Chapter 42: Advanced Queries

Section 4 Assessments

Section 5: Tying it Together

Chapter 43: Security

Chapter 44: Integration Examples

Chapter 45: Finishing Touches

Chapter 46: Now What?

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