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FREE OER Textbook - Introduction to Psychology (

FREE OER Textbook - Research Methods in Psychology


Introduction to Psychology: Glossary of Key Terms

I had a student trying to find a “marginal  glossary of key terms” – which I expected to mean in the margin of pages, but appears to mean “barely there”.

I was unable to find a glossary for
FREE OER Textbook - Introduction to Psychology (


I recommend the as a standard for psychological term definitions:

APA Dictionary of Psychology


APA Style JARS Supplemental Glossary
"This glossary is intended to provide supplemental content to the information contained in journal article reporting standards (JARS)... It is not an exhaustive list of all terms employed in quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods research, nor does it include all possible definitions for each term; definitions in addition to or different from those reported in this glossary may be found in other sources.”


A different textbook by the same name has a glossary that looks good


Note: Many of these definitions are taken or based upon the writing of the original authors. See the Source Chapter Attributions page for more information.

EX: Case Studies: descriptive records of one or more individual’s experience and behavior.

OER Psychology Textbooks

See how Concordia University does it Psychology (

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