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Universal Design for Learning (UDL): UDL and Accessibility Overlap

Many students do not want to self-identify as disabled. If you design your course from the start with learning differentiation in mind, everyone does better, and special accommodation needs can disappear

Accessibility and Universal Design: Tips and Trends ( Excerpts

Use fonts that are more legible (e.g., Arial, Calibri, Georgia, Helvetica, Tahoma, Verdana).
Check color contrast between text and background (tip: use the Color Contrast Checker on the WebAIM site).
• Use active hyperlinks that have descriptive anchor text indicating where the link leads.
• If using mathematical equations, create them using LaTex or an editor (such as MathType) that converts to MathML.
• For tables, use table headers for rows and columns, use captions for table titles, and avoid merged cells.
• When formatting, rather than relying on bold and italics to delineate sections and headers, use formatting tools within text editing applications to create headers, sections, and lists.

Four Principles of Accessibility

Four principles: “perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust.”

  • Perceivable: “Information and user interface components must be presentable to users in ways they can perceive.”
  • Operable: “User interface components and navigation must be operable.”
  • Understandable: “Information and the operation of user interface must be understandable.”
  • Robust: “Content must be robust enough that it can be interpreted reliably by a wide variety of user agents, including assistive technologies.”

UDL: Three Principles - Kurzweil 3000

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