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Skills for Success: Test Prep

3 Day Test Prep

3 Day Countdown to test:
3 days before the test: Review notes and make summary notes. 
2 days before test: Take summarized notes and make flash cards of concepts that are not firm. 
1 day before the test: MEMORIZE everything that doesn't make sense.  
Day of the test: Eat protein before the test (can of tuna anyone?)

Action!  If allowed: Write down the stuff you memorized on the back of the test,  before you begin.  Why?  So you won't get confused when reading questions.  When you need that equation or chart or word spelling,  you already have it written down! 

Note: When studying, you need calories, plus sleep to make it stick.
-  Val Magno, Based on personal practice.

Wellcast: How to Study for a Test

Test-Taking Strategies

Source: casaEIU (Eastern Illinois University)

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