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Skills for Success: Prioritizing

Metacognition: Learning how you learn best. Reflect on what works and doesn't work for you. Practice what works.

Stephen Covey Meets Eisenhower Matrix (SCandEM) Plus a bit of "Deep Work" by Cal Newport...and others

Graph putting importance and priority rising on the vertical axis and urgency or when it needs to be done on the horizontal axis from now on the left to later on the right.  An example of High importance and High Urgency is a crisis.  An example of low importance and low urgency is goofing off.

Steven Covey Meets Eisenhower Matrix (SCandEM)
Mashup by Val Magno, June 17, 2016 based on these sources:

Simpler ABC -123 Method

prioritizing method A B C and 1 2 3 to show priority

A – Most Important – Must Do
B – Important – Should Do
C – Not Important – Nice to Do

Plus Priority


Figure is from:

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