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News Literacy: News Views & Fact Checking Resources: Deep Fakes

REPORT: When seeing is no longer believing: Inside the Pentagon’s race against deepfake videos

GAN Art Copyright is by FIRST HUMAN to place an original piece in tangible form.

Copyright belongs to person using tool not to the tool!  

(At least as far as I know, in Oct, 2020.  Disclaimer:  I'm not a lawyer) Think of a photographer versus a camera. 

Food for thought: If AI art is more aesthetically pleasing than human generated art, why teach humans to art?

Examples of AI and Human modified art. Clockwise from upper left corner GANPICTURE HumanAugmented ArtCopyright and AI Face-palm


"Giarrusso outlines five different types of misinformation:

  • Manipulated media: Photoshops, edited “cheapfakes” and some deepfakes.
  • Fabricated media: Generated media, like fake faces, and some deepfakes.
  • False context: When a photo, piece of video or even entire event is taken out of content and attached to a different narrative.
  • Imposter media: When someone pretends to be a reputable news source, or impersonates a news source.
  • Satire: Misinformation knowingly created for the purpose of entertainment or commentary."

Who owns the AI generated work?

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