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Human Relations - Topics & Resources: Problem Solving

Think Small to Solve Big Problems, with Stephen Dubner

IDEAL method of problem solving: IDEAL (Identify, Define, Explore, Act, Look)

INTENTIONALLY attempt to IDENTIFY Problems and treat them as opportunities.

DEVELOP an Understanding of Problems and DEFINE Your Goals.

EXPLORE Possible Strategies and EVALUATE How They Fit Your Goals



This resource is not OER, it is under copyright, however it is widely used and can be cited as a resource.   Commentary and suggestions for how it could be adapted to your work is appropriate.

"Theory of Inventive Problem Solving." (TRIZ)


Working backward to solve problems - Maurice Ashley

Lumen Learning - AIDA Model Stages

AIDA Model Stages Typical Campaign Objectives


Build awareness to motivate further action

Develop brand awareness and recognition


Increase traffic to physical or virtual stores, Web sites, or other channels

Remind customers about a brand, product, service or category



Generate interest by informing about benefits; shaping perceptions

Differentiate a product, stressing benefits and features not available from competitors


Provide more information about the product or the service because information may be correlated with greater likelihood of purchase

Increase demand for a specific product or a product category; generate enough interest to research further



Create desire; move from “liking” to “wanting”

Build brand equity by increasing customer perceptions of quality, desirability, and other brand attributes


Stimulate trial, an important step in building new brands and rejuvenating stagnant brands

Change or influence customer beliefs and attitudes about a brand, product, or category, ideally creating an emotional connection



Take action toward purchasing

Reduce purchase risk to make prospective customers feel more comfortable buying a new or unfamiliar product or brand


Encourage repeat purchases in the effort to increase usage and brand loyalty

Increase sales and/or market share, with the goal of broadening reach within a time period, product category, or segment

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