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When using the login proxy box, make sure you are using
your student number (9 digits) and must have


Use your MyFVTC password

If you can get into your email, you should be able to get into Library Databases.

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Proxy Prefix Needed To Access URL Off-Campus

The Proxy Prefix is

It must come before the Vendor's URL (CultureGrams, EBSCO, Films on Demand, Ovid, etc.)

The Proxy login authenticates you as an affiliate of FVTC, and allows the Vendor's Database to recognize you as an affiliate of FVTC.

If you have questions, email us at or call 1-920-735-5653

Troubleshooting Films on Demand Access

For PowerPoint : You need to first log into Films on Demand on your default browser (the one that opens up automatically when you click links)  so the authentication cookie is loaded. 

Then when you click the FOD link in PowerPoint, it will open as if you put the link directly into your browser.

What do I do if logging into the Films on Demand database doesn't work?

What do I do if logging into the Films On Demand database doesn't work?

Common fixes:
1) Use Chrome browser (or Firefox)

2) Clear cache of your browser to eliminate error pages:
> Go to browser menu 
> History> Open History 
> Select all possible boxes 
> Delete everything for all time (Good practice in general to do at least once a week)

3) Reboot your computer

If that doesn’t work, then

  1. Enable cookies.
  2. Allow pop-ups.
  3. Update your browser.
  4. Try another browser.

Other common problems:

  • Database content not added as URL content in Blackboard.
  • Not using most current permanent link
    • Permalink in EBSCO found on right side menu Ebsco Permalink icon indicating where to click to get permalink
    • Gale products have Bookmarks in the upper horizontal menu (may need to add to beginning of bookmark-URL if that is missing. permanent bookmark URL
    • provided below the Films on Demand video
      FOD embed link under video
      Working Example: Researching, Reading, and Writing (12:00)
      Correct URL:
  • Video has not been set to automatically "Open in New Window"
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