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Academic OneFile, CINAHL, Culturegrams, EBSCO, Films on Demand, OVID, Vocational Biographies & more

Direct link to FOD Feature Films

Entertainment Feature FilmsUse Chrome browser. Turn off VPN

FOD & FOD Feature Films are separate accounts.

New! Feature Films for Education: Free with active MyFVTC account authentication

Entertainment Feature Films walk throughUse Chrome browser. Turn off VPN

FOD & FOD Feature Films are separate accounts.

Step 1: Log in through EzProxy, like getting into email with and MyFVTC password

Step 2: Pick a movie Click and wait ……… loading…loading…...

Step 3: Click movie > …… loading…loading…..

click movie arrow and wait

Step 4: Select option loading….. and movie plays. (English Audio with Subtitles)

Step 5: Expand to full view

expand film if you want to see it larger


Clear gremlins from computer:

If you do not see the ExProxy sign in for Institutional then

1) Clear cache

2) Close browser

3) Reboot/restart computer

4) Open browser and try again.  Sometimes an error page will get into the computer short-term buffer and the computer is too lazy, I mean “efficient” to go out and get a new copy of the URL.

Another issue is the server side…reconnecting EzProxy to MyFVTC active directory:

If you have not used library resources for a long time, you may need to re-establish the connection between EzProxy and the active-user list for MyFVTC.

To do this, reset your MyFVTC password:

You may need to clear gremlins again.

Then, if you can successfully sign into your MyFVTC account, you should be able to access Library Databases through EzProxy from off-campus.

VPN: The only way to be using vpn and have access to databases is if you are remoting into an actual hard-drive on campus.  Otherwise you need to turn vpn off the allow EzProxy to work.

May need to enable pop-ups: The ExProxy pop-up sign-on method of securely authenticating/proving that you have an active MyFVTC account and should have access to Library databases.

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