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Faculty Resources: AI is here to stay

Librarians want to be your partners

What is AI?

Points for discussion:

It is too late to stop the integration of AI into everyday life because it has already become commonplace.

Artificial Intelligence  (AI) will be great at tutoring and giving teachers insights on how their students are learning.   Many people now suggest ChatGPT will affect education the way calculators did, but they will be calculators of words instead of numbers.  When calculators were first easily available, education was slow to adapt, but now they are a required item in many math-based classes.

Focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your field of work

Keep up with artificial intelligence and robotic engineering advances.

Focus on what will affect your career.

1) Find newsletter(s): by using Google

2) Sign up for newsletter(s):  Be careful not to overwhelm your email. 

3) Block newsletter(s): I have signed up for a number of newsletters then "blocked" them so they go to my Junk mail folder.  I can glance through them when I have time. 

4) Unsubscribe from newsletter(s): If I don't want to get a particular newsletter in my junk folder anymore, I unsubscribe or make a rule to delete.

you have options for frequency in google alerts

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