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Artificial Intelligence (AI) News, Resources, and Tools: Example Assignments

Let ChatGPT write the rough draft.

"ChatGPT is like having a proof reader that you can’t quite trust, so you need to look again and make decisions."
-Val Magno

  • Ask the ChatGPT a question and save the answer to new document. 
    • If available, select  [Regenerate Answer]. This will over-write the first answer. Save the new answer and compare with first answer.
    • You may also like to ask the question in slightly different ways using synonyms or rephrasing the question.
  • Which answers do you like best? 
    • Are they much the same? 
  • Pick and choose the parts of the ChatGPT answers you would like to reuse and highlight them in one color. 
    • Your edits and additions should be highlighted in a different color. 
  • How can you improve on the ChatGPT rough draft to appeal to a particular audience? 


Use Chat GPT technology for “prompt engineering”:

  • Create and refine prompts; define what yo want; evaluate degree of ChatGPT success
  • Define rubric for successful essay, code sequence, lab report, short story, legal briefing, etc.
  • See if ChatGPT can meet your criteria.
  • Ask the bot to add, delete, or refine steps in an explanatory sequence.  Does the product change significantly?
  • How do you determine if an abstract, article, or citation is legitimate? 
  • What skills and knowledges we value and for what reasons. Can ChatGPT compete with all or some of those?

Discuss ethical challenges:

  • privacy
  • equity issues
  • labor
  • environmental concerns

Put ChatGPT to work

  • generate  practice questions for exams or quizzes
  • proofread your paper
  • grade essays, exams, and quizzes
  •  generate reports or summaries of data
  • identify trends and provide analysis
  • generate lesson plans or teaching materials
  • generate summaries or abstracts
  • provide personalized feedback and support to students

PubMed Search for ChatGPT Reviews

“It will be easier to write correctly, but it won’t be easier to write originally” - Raschka


  • Use ChatGPT to generate an argument and then have students annotate it according to how effective they thought the argument was for a specific audience. Then they turned in a rewrite based on their criticism.
  • Use ChatGPT to generate a first draft. 
  • Assess prompts used: Knowing the words to use in a prompt and then understanding the output that comes back is important,
  • With ChatGPT or Googling—what to ask for and what to make of the results—is itself a skill worth teaching.
  • Look for misinformation or bias in the answers.  "These shortcomings can kick off productive discussions, says Crompton: “The fact that it’s not perfect is great.”"

Suggested assignments with ChatGPT

  • Define your question as a query. Ask ChatGPT your question and let it find the answers. Find resources to backup or refute the ChatGPT answers.
  • Discuss when ChatGPT or Wikipedia is good enough, and when collaborative research is needed.
  • Find and read an article about use of AI or ChatGPT in your program area.  Ask ChatGPT to write a summary. Is it a good summary?  Why or why not?


More ideas:

Ask ChatGPT to rewrite a paragraph or two

  • in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person
  • active and passive sentences
  • different lexile or grade-levels
  • different well-known authors 
  • ask it how to improve the writing and give an example using those suggestions


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