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Artificial Intelligence (AI) News, Resources, and Tools: Example Assignments

“It will be easier to write correctly, but it won’t be easier to write originally” - Raschka


  • Use ChatGPT to generate an argument and then have students annotate it according to how effective they thought the argument was for a specific audience. Then they turned in a rewrite based on their criticism.
  • Use ChatGPT to generate a first draft. 
  • Assess prompts used: Knowing the words to use in a prompt and then understanding the output that comes back is important,
  • With ChatGPT or Googling—what to ask for and what to make of the results—is itself a skill worth teaching.
  • Look for misinformation or bias in the answers.  "These shortcomings can kick off productive discussions, says Crompton: “The fact that it’s not perfect is great.”"


Use Chat GPT technology for “prompt engineering”:

  • Create and refine prompts; define what yo want; evaluate degree of ChatGPT success
  • Define rubric for successful essay, code sequence, lab report, short story, legal briefing, etc.
  • See if ChatGPT can meet your criteria.
  • Ask the bot to add, delete, or refine steps in an explanatory sequence.  Does the product change significantly?
  • How do you determine if an abstract, article, or citation is legitimate? 
  • What skills and knowledges we value and for what reasons. Can ChatGPT compete with all or some of those?

Discuss ethical challenges:

  • privacy
  • equity issues
  • labor
  • environmental concerns

Let ChatGPT write the rough draft.

"ChatGPT is like having a proof reader that you can’t quite trust, so you need to look again and make decisions."
-Val Magno

  • Ask the ChatGPT a question and save the answer to new document. 
    • If available, select  [Regenerate Answer]. This will over-write the first answer. Save the new answer and compare with first answer.
    • You may also like to ask the question in slightly different ways using synonyms or rephrasing the question.
  • Which answers do you like best? 
    • Are they much the same? 
  • Pick and choose the parts of the ChatGPT answers you would like to reuse and highlight them in one color. 
    • Your edits and additions should be highlighted in a different color. 
  • How can you improve on the ChatGPT rough draft to appeal to a particular audience? 


"ChatGPT and other similar tools can often get things very wrong. They don’t pull facts from databases. Rather, they are trained to generate new text that sounds natural. They remix language without understanding it, which can lead to glaring mistakes."

Put ChatGPT to work

  • generate  practice questions for exams or quizzes
  • proofread your paper
  • grade essays, exams, and quizzes
  •  generate reports or summaries of data
  • identify trends and provide analysis
  • generate lesson plans or teaching materials
  • generate summaries or abstracts
  • provide personalized feedback and support to students

Suggested assignments with ChatGPT

  • Define your question as a query. Ask ChatGPT your question and let it find the answers. Find resources to backup or refute the ChatGPT answers.
  • Discuss when ChatGPT or Wikipedia is good enough, and when collaborative research is needed.
  • Find and read an article about use of AI or ChatGPT in your program area.  Ask ChatGPT to write a summary. Is it a good summary?  Why or why not?


More ideas:

Ask ChatGPT to rewrite a paragraph or two

  • in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person
  • active and passive sentences
  • different lexile or grade-levels
  • different well-known authors 
  • ask it how to improve the writing and give an example using those suggestions


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