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Homework Strategy

Study practice check reflect review

In other words: Homework is work.
Use best practices:

  • Study.  You read it, but do you understand what you read?  How will you know unless you try to apply it?
  • Practice: Work example problems without looking at answer first! This is your chance to give yourself a "pre-test" when stakes are low. Skipping this part is what most people do wrong.  Don't be lazy, be efficient!  Especially important in MATH.
  • Check & Reflect: Now you have an opportunity to figure out what you don't understand before the test!
  • Bonus point:  Try to explain how to do the example out loud. When you try to explain it, you find out where you are still fuzzy.
  • Sleep on it, then try it again.  You need sleep to get stuff loaded into your long-term storage.

What is SQ5R

Survey: Read the Introduction and Conclusion. Skim the material looking for main ideas.

Question: Write down the questions you have about the chapter. What doesn’t make sense to you?

Read: Read the chapter in small chunks. Stop and think about what you’ve read in between each section.

Respond: For each section you’ve read, apply the material to your questions.

Record: Use a note-taking method to record key points.

Recite: Put what you’ve learned into your own words. 

Review: Review the text and your notes one final time.


What is SQ3R

Survey –You can gain insight from an academic text before you even begin the reading assignment.

Question – During this stage, you should note any questions on the subjects contained in the document.

Read – Read each section thoroughly, keeping your questions in mind. Try to find the answers and identify if you need additional ones.

Recall/Recite – In the recall (or recite) stage, you should go through what you read and try to answer the questions you noted before. It’s worth taking the time to write a short summary, even if your instructor doesn’t require it.

Review – Reviewing all the collected information is the final step of the process. An excellent way to consolidate information is to present or teach it to someone else.

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