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Artificial Intelligence (AI) News, Resources, and Tools: AI & Copyright Issues

Content from ChatGPT or other large language model [LLM] tools cannot be copyrighted at this time *See disclaimer

AI content regurgitated based on your prompt is probably not copyrightable.

Even if a human provides the prompts to a tool, it would probably not constitute enough unique human creative interaction to justify copyright protection.

If two people give the same prompt, they may get very similar answers. 

You should treat AI generated content like other content in the public domain. 

AI generated AND Public Domain works are not protected by copyright (at this time), but you still need to make an attribution or citation indicating any content you did not substantially create. 

AI responses may provide generic advice or common best practices.

It is fine to use the AI tool output like you would use feedback from a teacher. However, keep in mind: 

In professional environments such as publications and conferences, it is best practices to be able to explain how you got your result.  Scientists explain the method of their experiments,  photographers cite what tools and variables they use in creating a picture, other artists often explain what materials and editing programs they use.

To protect your professional reputation, you should make it clear when you are using content from AI tools in an acknowledgement or citing the particular parts you did not put together yourself.  

You need to know enough about a topic to evaluate whether the AI tool is doing a good job of summarizing.

You can ask an LLM tool to summarize complicated legal documents, such as "Terms of Service" but you would need to really read and digest and understand the terms of service in order to evaluate whether the ChatGPT is giving you a good summary. Analyzing the output of LLM tools is a good assignment. 

Disclaimer: * I am not a lawyer, this discussion is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a replacement for professional legal advice.

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