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FIND: Articles, books, videos, etc.: Videos & more multimedia

For professional purposes, every piece of borrowed content, regardless of format, should be acknowledged with attribution or citation, so people can re-search for the original. This includes images, music, art, text, etc., even your own works.

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Multimedia: audio, visual & interactive resources

Animation— Seen description: 2-d sequence of images creating illusion of an object moving. (Cartoons, Animated Gifs.)

Audio— Heard description. (Audio books, Podcasts, Music.)

Graphics— Seen description: image, illustration, photograph, or picture of object or process

Interactive— Done - click a link or move a mouse and get a response.

Multimedia— Two or more formats used. Audio (heard), visual (seen), interactive (done) methods of describing a person, place, or thing such as a concept, process, or object.

Text— Seen description: Prose or poetry.

Videos— Seen &/or heard description: 2-d or 3-d sequence of images creating illusion of an object moving.

Documentaries—A work, such as a film or television program, presenting political, social, or historical subject matter in a factual and informative manner and often consisting of actual news films or interviews accompanied by narration.

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