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Evaluating Sources: Why was it published?

Find out who is providing the content and why. Get information from different sources. Be skeptical.

What do you think?

Here are some "reasons for existence" I have noticed. I challenge you to come up with more  -Val

Providing content as bait to attract a certain group of people.

If the quality of the content attracts a lot of people, it makes the website more attractive to advertisers.

To create an advertising interface for their own business

Sometimes the "store" is entirely online.

To sell you an idea

Sometimes it isn't a "thing" that is being "sold",  but an idea.

Status Enhancement

Journals are judged to be either legitimate or vanity press, depending on the rigor of their peer-review process. 

Prey upon people's vanity or ignorance.

Some publishers prey upon people who want to be published by publishing anything for a fee.  

Vanity Press

When something is published for a fee, regardless of quality.

Homework assignment

Students make websites and blogs as part of their education.


Web-based socialization is making it possible for people who do not fit into their IRL (In Real Life) situation to find a support group of people to socialize with.

To create controversy

Some people like to generate drama.

To improve communication

Letting people know of safety issues, or publishing information for the common good, improves the society you live in.

Improve citizen health and productivity

The government wants healthy people that work, earn money, and pay taxes to support the govenment.

To sell you some thing

The backbone of the internet is Commerce. When you see the .com you know it is a commercial enterprise. Some of the other domains are harder to judge. If you have questions about domains, please feel free to contact me at


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