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Evaluating Sources: Fraud or Flawed?

Find out who is providing the content and why. Get information from different sources. Be skeptical.

Peer Review process varies widely. In general, the faster the review, the less trustworthy.

Pixabay Insects by illuvis Brett-Hondow and adepsych camo predators

Unfortunately, there are fake publishers and organizations that try to mimic the best camouflaged insect pests. 

Be wary of "too good to be true"  FAST peer review and FAST publication for a FEE.  They get the fee, and usually publish anything that gets submitted (This ia a variation of Vanity Publishing).  Sometimes they even create an "association" that publishes journals. 

If you select "Peer-reviewed" from a Library Database, you will get more trustworthy results

Three Types of Errors in Research

1. Ethics violation
A. Fabricated prints
B. Dry benching (estimating results without completing an examination)
C. Intentional erroneous results
D. Covering up mistakes

2. Honest errors
A. Lack of training and mentoring
B. Feeling pressure to complete work or being overwhelmed with work
C. Administrative errors or complacency

3. Biased oversight

SCIENTISTS NOT ALWAYS RELIABLE Good reason to get multiple sources of information.

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