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Evaluating Sources: Fake & Hoax Websites

Find out who is providing the content and why. Get information from different sources. Be skeptical.

Take responsibility for what you share.

Think before you re-post. You may be adding to the problem of fake news by sharing it without checking it out first.

For Discussion:

For Discussion:  Posting links to known fake and hoax websites for the purpose of -w a r n i n g- people and using good examples...may also end up making these websites have a higher rank on Google.  Does the purpose of education out-weigh the possibility that uneducated people might see (and fall for) these websites more easily?


Be skeptical of everything you see, hear, or read

Satire can include fake news that makes fun of the news.
Some fake news is not satire, however. 
Some fake news is intentionally misleading.
Some "real" news is unintentionally misleading. 

Incorrect or misleading news
slips into the social media stream
and people usually cannot distinguish
the "fake" news from the "real" news.

​Always evaluate the author and source.
Be skeptical. 
Check sources for accuracy.
Don't forward until you fact-check

Lists of known fake and hoax websites

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