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Evaluating Sources: Start Here

Find out who is providing the content and why. Get information from different sources. Be skeptical.


Currency - Is it current enough for your topic?
Reliability - Does the creator provide references or sources for data or quotations?   
Authority -
 Who is the creator or author? What are their credentials?
Purpose/Point of View - Is this fact or opinion? How is it biased?


Other CRAP tests you can use

C-ontent balanced | Current
R-eliable | Relevant
A-uthoritative | Accurate | Appropriate
P-urpose/bias (advocate or inform)
P-oint of view (biased or balanced)

What do you want?

Opinion ---------> Facts & Data
Biased ----------> Objective
Outdated -------> Current
Anonymous ----> Expert
Off-topic -------> Relevant
Temporary ----> Re-searchable

RAVEN vs CRAPP Tests: Lots of things in common

  C = Current? When published?
R = Reputation R = Relevant? Where was it published?
Worth your time?  (Relevant & reputable?)
A = Ability to See A = Authoritative & Accurate? Who are they? What makes them qualified?
V = Vested Interest P = Purpose to Advocate or Inform? What do they risk or gain? Why are they publishing?
E = Expertise    

N = Neutrality

P = Point of View Balanced or Biased? How biased are they?
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