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Information Literacy: Be Savvy about your Sources

Information-savvy: Having a shrewd understanding of how to deal with information. Alternative descriptions: "Information Competency" or "Information Fluency"

The more important the information (for health or success)
- the more credible and authoritative your sources should be.

You can't trust someone who remains anonymous. If nobody can be held accountable for wrong information, then there is no consequence to the author for providing wrong information. 

If an author publishes their name along with their contact information, that increases their credibility. They will be judged by the information they publish.  They can be held accountable.  They risk their reputation.

A person who is recognized as an authority or expert in a profession is an authoritative resource. Their reputation is usually based on their training and what they have produced in the past. If a professional gives out bad information or makes a mistake, they risk their reputation, and may also risk their job, grants, licensing, customers, etc.. They have a lot of incentive to provide the best information they can.

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