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Information Literacy: Be Savvy about your Sources: Overview

Information-savvy: Having a shrewd understanding of how to deal with information. "Information Competency" or "Information Fluency"

Information Literacy = Searching Savvy

Information Literacy: Being able to define what you need, then find, choose, and use information well.
Define your information need - Narrow down, or broaden as needed

Find information efficiently - Library databases

Choose information - Is it worthy? 
Who says so?  Where did the information come from?  Why is the information being published or promoted? Follow the Money.  Who benefits?
Use information ethically by citing sources. 

Wisconsin Standards for Information and Technology Literacy

Free (Open Education Resources) OER Textbook from Open SUNY

Results are in "First Year Experience Survey: Information Literacy In Higher Education" 2017

Most common problems (most common on top)* Solutions
Recognizing reliable sources/Evaluating sources      Evaluating Sources
Lack of awareness of library resources     Library Resources Home
Identifying appropriate sources     Primary, Secondary or Other?
Difficulties with proper citation     Citing Sources
Lack of research skills    Research Process Tutorial
Underuse of library/Overuse of Google   Video: Library Introduction
Search strategies    Find Resources
Navigating databases    DATABASE HELP GUIDES
Unfamiliar with information formats/scholarly vs. non-scholarly Scholarly versus Popular
Synthesizing/integrating information    Critical Thinking Tips
Overwhelmed by information sources    Contact Us
Identifying/Developing a clear topic    Find a Topic 
Understanding the time it takes to do proper research Make a Plan
Transitioning to expectations of college-level work    Skills For Success
Plagiarism    Plagiarism
Belief that everything is on the Internet    Assess gaps
Understanding assignments Understand assignment
* From "First Year Experience Survey: Information Literacy In Higher Education" 2017

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