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Research Help: Where are you in your research project?

For effective use of research and information resources, use this Research Strategy: Define, Find, Choose, Use

I need a topic.

Hint: Many people start with a topic that is too BIG, and need to narrow down their topic.

DEFINE your topic in a sentence.

I need to find articles.

Hint: Use Library Databases to get Peer Reviewed articles.

FIND a variety of resources.

I need to decide WHICH articles are worth my time.

Does it pass a CRAP test? Current, Relevant, Authored by an authority on the subject. Purpose of the publication does not bias the author beyond belief.

CHOOSE the most trustworthy and current resources.

I have to CITE the borrowed quotes and ideas that I want to use.

Hint: Keep track of where you get your information - FROM THE BEGINNING! The citation allows other people to re-search for the same information.

USE your sources of information ethically and accurately.

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