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If you find a baby animal might not really be alone

"Humans don't always know what is best for animals.  I recall seeing a turtle on a sidewalk, years ago.  I thought (in my naive arrogance),
"Poor turtle, I'll put it back by the pond, where it belongs." Later that day I saw the same turtle patiently walking along the same sidewalk, then go into a flowerbed and deposit her eggs. Oops!  That made me realize that turtles know better what they want than I do, for sure."
- Val Magno

Whether it is a baby chick on the ground or a fawn hiding in the shadows, don't assume it is abandoned.  Many well-intentioned people have stolen babies from their parents, thinking they were rescuing them. And don't try to raise them yourself, unless you have training and permits for rearing wild animals.

In Wisconsin, raising some wild animals without a Wildlife Rehabilitation License is illegal! Contact the Wi DNR for advice. 

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