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LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn Learning Topics

Q: Do students have access to LinkedIn Learning through school? Can that be linked through Blackboard at all?

A: Yes, students have access to LinkedIn Learning through school and yes LinkedIn Learning videos can be linked through Blackboard.

Kathryn Johnston will need to add you as a user to the FVTC group.

Competencies on LinkedIn Learning

How to access courses on LinkedIn Learning

After getting your LinkedIn Learning account set up,

you can click one of the Title Links.

That will send you to LinkedIn Learning, where you will [Sign in] with your LinkedIn Learning email & password.

Sign in to LinkedIn Learning

Sends you [Single Sign-on] (a contradiction in terms, we know)

Goes to MyFVTC Sign on

Sends you to [MyFVTC sign on] where you log in with your MyFVTC name/number & password

MyFVTC Sign on


Goes to course!  You made it!

You are in course

When you are done for the day, sign out, and then pick up where you left off at a later time.

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LinkedIn Learning Browse List has only 3 overlaps: Excel, Tableau & SQL

Business Subjects Business Software and Tools
Business Subjects Career Development
Business Subjects Customer Service
Business Subjects Finance and Accounting
Business Subjects Human Resources
Business Subjects Leadership and Management
Business Subjects Marketing
Business Subjects Professional Development
Business Subjects Project Management
Business Subjects Sales
Business Subjects Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Business Subjects Training and Education
Business Software Excel
Business Software iOS
Business Software Mac OS
Business Software Microsoft 365
Business Software Microsoft Office
Business Software Office 365
Business Software Power BI
Business Software PowerPoint
Business Software Project
Business Software R
Business Software SQL
Business Software Tableau
Business Learning Paths Become a Digital Marketer
Business Learning Paths Become a Manager
Business Learning Paths Become a Small Business Owner
Business Learning Paths Become an Excel 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist
Business Learning Paths Become an SEO Expert
Creative Subjects AEC
Creative Subjects Animation and Illustration
Creative Subjects Audio and Music
Creative Subjects Graphic Design
Creative Subjects Motion Graphics and VFX
Creative Subjects Photography
Creative Subjects Product and Manufacturing
Creative Subjects User Experience
Creative Subjects Video
Creative Subjects Visualization and Real-Time
Creative Subjects Web Design
Creative Software After Effects
Creative Software AutoCAD
Creative Software Blender
Creative Software CSS
Creative Software HTML
Creative Software Illustrator
Creative Software InDesign
Creative Software Lightroom
Creative Software Logic Pro
Creative Software Photoshop
Creative Software Premiere Pro
Creative Software Revit MEP
Creative Learning Paths Become a Digital Illustrator
Creative Learning Paths Become a Graphic Designer
Creative Learning Paths Become a Motion Graphics Artist
Creative Learning Paths Become a Photographer
Creative Learning Paths Become a Video Editor
Technology Subjects Cloud Computing
Technology Subjects Data Science
Technology Subjects Database Management
Technology Subjects DevOps
Technology Subjects IT Help Desk
Technology Subjects Mobile Development
Technology Subjects Network and System Administration
Technology Subjects Security
Technology Subjects Software Development
Technology Subjects Web Development
Technology Software Amazon Web Services
Technology Software Excel
Technology Software ITIL
Technology Software Java
Technology Software JavaScript
Technology Software pandas
Technology Software Python
Technology Software SQL
Technology Software SQLite
Technology Software Tableau
Technology Software Windows Server
Technology Software WordPress
Technology Learning Paths Become a CompTIA A+ Certified Technician
Technology Learning Paths Become a Data Scientist
Technology Learning Paths Become a Front-End Web Developer
Technology Learning Paths Become a Full-Stack Web Developer
Technology Learning Paths Become a Python Developer

Other software materials not listed in Browse Menu:
Azure (3,316)
Docker  (837)
Grasshopper  (287)
Linux  (2,616)
Node.js  (1,192)
Pro Tools  (2,183)
Rhino  (937)
Visual Basic  (99)

Recommended LinkedIn Learning Courses

Personal & Interpersonal Courses

Title Links

Communication Foundations 1h 24m  Beginner  Released: June 19, 2018 
Critical Thinking 1h 6m  General  Released: August 2, 2016
Customer Service Foundations 1h 23m  Beginner  Released: June 22, 2018 
Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging 47m 19s  Beginner  Released: December 18, 2019
Effective Listening 1h 4m  General  Updated: December 16, 2019 
Managing Up 1h 3m  General  Released: February 25, 2017 
Project Management Foundations 3h 20m  Beginner  Released: July 10, 2016 
Project Management Foundations: Schedules 2h 7m  Beginner + Intermediate  Released: April 30, 2018 
Time Management Fundamentals 2h 53m  General  Updated: August 13, 2018
Unconscious Bias 24m 42s  Beginner  Released: May 24, 2017


Technical Skills Courses

Title Links

Excel 2016 Essential Training 8h 53m  Beginner + Intermediate
IT Service Desk Careers and Certifications: First Steps 2h 18m  General  Released: October 26, 2017
Javascript Essential Training 5h 32m  Beginner  Updated: April 1, 2019
Learning the JavaScript Language 2h 53m  Beginner  Released: February 5, 2019
Node.js Essential Training 1h 52m  Intermediate  Updated: October 4, 2019 
Premiere Pro 2020 Essential Training 6h 52m  Beginner  Released: November 14, 2019
Python Essential Training 4h 45m  Beginner + Intermediate  Released: January 18, 2018 
SQL Essential Training 3h 0m  Beginner  Released: December 3, 2019
58m 44s  Beginner  Released: February 15, 2018 

LinkedIn Subject Materials

More resources than you can use in a lifetime.

Data for graph based on content search "*" from 10/30/2019

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