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Gender & Sexual Diversity Education Resources: Types of Love

Asexual is normal for some people.

Not everyone has a desire for a sexual relationship.
People who identify as "Asexual" may still have relationships with people that they love in other ways.

Many Kinds of Love

Agape is unconditional, selfless love, that is all giving. Divine Love. Charity. Altruism.
Epithumia desire, passionate longing, lust. Negatively "lust" or positively "desire".
Eros or sexual passion. Physical and emotional love. Romantic Love. Erotic Love. Amorous. Fidelity.
Ludus means "game" in Latin. Playful Love. Playful Affection. Flirtation. Seduction.
Mania coming from the term manic. Obsession.
Philautia Self-love (healthy or unhealthy). Self Esteem. Narcissism. Vanity. Hubris
Philia Deep Friendship or Shared Goodwill. Comrades. Best Friends. Friendship. Affectionate Love.
Platonic Love without sexual desire. Inspires the mind and the soul towards spiritual things. Platonic Love.
Pragma Comfortable, or pragmatic. Not necessarily derived out of romantic love. Pragmatic Love. Enduring Love. Mature Love.
Storge Love of parent for child. Familial Love. Feeling of belonging.

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Aside from sexual attraction, you can also experience:

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