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Foundations of Teacher Education Resources: FOD Videos

Teaching Students to Drive Their Brains: The Learning Brain and Making Sense of Metacognition Full Video (24:59)

LIST: Educational Videos: Titles, Descriptions, & Links

FOD Sociology Films

Sociology (4,708)
African American Studies (543)
African American Culture
African American History
Special Topics & Issues
Asian American Studies (46)
Asian American Culture
Asian American History
Special Topics & Issues
Introduction to Sociology (65)
Research Methods in Sociology
Survey: Sociology
Latino Studies (103)
Latino Culture
Latino History
Special Topics & Issues
Native American Studies (123)
Native American Culture
Native American History
Special Topics & Issues
Social Environments & Change (985)
Collective Behavior & Social Movements
Mass Media & the Arts
Population & Urban Studies
Science & Technology
Survey: Social Environments & Change
Social Inequality (821)
Race and Ethnicity
Sex and Gender
Survey: Social Inequality
Wealth, Power & Status
Social Institutions (1,028)
Economy and Work
Families & Intimate Relationships
Health & Medicine
Politics & Government
Schools & Education
Survey: Social Institutions
Social Structure (556)
Culture & Social Structure
Deviance & Social Control
Social Theory (21)
Sociological Theory
Social Work (462)
Aging, Death & Dying
Crime & Juvenile Delinquency
Family and Child Welfare
Health Care
Mental & Physical Disabilities
Poverty & Public Welfare
Racial & Sexual Prejudice
Substance Abuse & Dependency
Survey: Social Work
Women's and Gender Studies (922)
Gender, Culture & Sex
Sexuality & Relationships
Survey: Women's and Gender Studies
The Media
Women & Social Institutions
Women & the Arts
Women & the Workplace
Women and Family
Women and Health
Women, Crime & Deviance
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