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Portland Community College Resources

WLD 111 - SMAW (7024) and OAC
WLD 112 - SMAW I (E7018)
WLD 113 - SMAW II (E7018)
WLD 114 - SMAW: Mild Steel III (E6011)
WLD 115 - SMAW: Mild Steel IV (E6011)
WLD 131 - GMAW
WLD 132 - GMAW: Pulse and Spray Transfer
WLD 141 - FCAW I (Gas Shielded)
WLD 142 - FCAW II (Self Shielded)
WLD 151 - SMAW: Certification Practice
WLD 152 - Wire Welding Certification Practice
WLD 210 - Aviation Welding
WLD 211 - Auto Collision Welding
WLD 216 - Misc. Electrodes & Advanced  Positions
WLD 217 - Diesel Welding
WLD 221 - GTAW: Mild Steel
WLD 222 - GTAW: Aluminum
WLD 223 - GTAW: Stainless Steel
WLD 224 - GTAW: (Mild Steel) Pipe I
WLD 225 - GTAW: (Mild Steel) Pipe II
WLD 253 - SMAW: Certificate Practice (E6011)
WLD 254 - SMAW: Certificate Practice (E7018)
WLD 256 - Preparation for Pipe Certificate I
WLD 257 - Preparation for Pipe Certificate II
WLD 261 - Basic Fabrication I
WLD 262 - Basic Fabrication II
WLD 263 - Welding Technology Capstone
WLD 271 - Oxyacetylene Welding Projects
WLD 290 - Submerged Arc Welding
WLD 295 - Welding Sculpture II
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