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Google Tools: Google Advanced Search

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  • sunrise city is all you need to get time and place
  • type in 354 + 651 =  will make Google into a calculator!
  • You can drag images into google images search field

 Unit 1 - Introduction

Small words (a, the) sometimes matter, like when they distinguish between two similar entities.

Punctuation that matters: $, #, and + (when used as C++, Google+)

Google is able to see the plus sign

(+) (e.g., Google+ or C++ or +Google),

the pound sign (#) (e.g., #Google or C#),

the at symbol (@) (e.g., @Google),

the percent symbol (%) (e.g., 45%)

Google can also see the dollar sign ($) (e.g., $12). 

  • Punctuation that Google ignores: ¶, £, €, ©, ®, ÷, §, %, (), @, ?, !


Search social media

Put @ in front of a word to search social media. For example: @twitter.

Search for a price

Put in front of a number. For example: camera $400.

Search hashtags

Put in front of a word. For example: #throwbackthursday

Exclude words from your search

Put - in front of a word you want to leave out. For example, jaguar speed -car

Search for an exact match

Put a word or phrase inside quotes. For example, "tallest building".

Search within a range of numbers

Put .. between two numbers. For example, camera $50..$100.

Combine searches

Put "OR" between each search query. For example,  marathon OR race.

Search for a specific site

Put "site:" in front of a site or domain. For example, or

Search for related sites

Put "related:" in front of a web address you already know. For example,

See Google’s cached version of a site

Put "cache:" in front of the site address.   Does not work if Google does not take snapshot from time to time.  (Alternative is Internet Archive: Wayback Machine OR Wayback Machine OR   Internet Archive  OR Wayback Machine)


  • Specific words, when used before a colon, act as commands to filter results. 
  • Use a word you expect to appear on the target page to refine results.

Examples you can try:

  • what is the volume of a cylinder with radius 4cm and height 8cm
  • formula for a triangle perimeter
  • find the diameter of a sphere whose volume is 524 gallons
  • a^2+b^2=c^2 calc a=4 b=7 c=?
  • Graph for sin(x)/(y*(-3))

Unit 2 - Interpreting results

Find better keywords from search results

Using [define] and the Google Dictionary

[city name] attractions

weather [any location]

time [any location]

Search titles only: intitle: or allintitle:

Search text only: intext: or allintext:

Search URLs only: inurl: or allinurl:

Web address/URL:  

The WHO organization or individual that owns the site; The domain in which it is hosted (.com, .gov, .org, .bb, etc.); and Other information about what is contained on the page.


  • Weather: Search weather to see the weather in your location or add a city name, like weather seattle, to find weather for a certain place.
  • Calculations: Enter a math equation like 3*9123, or solve complex graphing equations.
  • Unit conversions: Enter any conversion, like 3 dollars in euros.
  • Sports: Search for the name of your team to see a schedule, game scores and more. 

Find Text

Internet Explorer: upper left

Android tablet: Select menu in top right, 
then select "Find on page" in the menu.

iPad (Safari) upper right
Safari: Upper right
Chrome: Upper right

Firefox: Bottom left corner of the screen.

There is no easy way to use Control-F/ Command-F to find two words near each other if they are not adjacent. 

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