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Employability Resources: Laid Off? Make Plans

First and foremost, practice listening. Care about what others have to say. Make coworkers feel heard and they will enjoy working with you.

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HALT Depression

  • H - Hungry?
    • Food pantries on campus for students
    • Food service jobs often provide free or reduced cost meals
    • Look for neighborhood food pantries (often near churches)
  • A - Angry?
    • Call 211  for counselling services
    • Increase activity level (extra walking, etc.)
    • Journaling
    • Use Employee Assistance Program (EAP) if you have access
  • L - Lonely? 
    • Do what you like to do with other people who like to do the same
    • Find online or in-person
      • Group forum
      • Group therapy counselling
      • Social club or community
  • T- Tired?
    • Do you have sleep apnea or other sleeping issues?  Ask your doctor.
    • More exercise encourages better sleep
    • Napping can give you the emotional and physical break you need
    • Regular routines & rituals are calming

Continuing Education

Reskill OR Upskill  

  • Get career counselling at FVTC or a college near you.
  • Fill Skill & Time Gaps with classes
    • Look at current job advertisements to find your skill gaps
    • Fill time gaps in your work history by taking classes
    • Get badges, certificates, and other proofs of effort while you are job hunting.
    •  Interview advantage: When they ask you what you have done since you got laid off, you can tell them what you are learning. 
  • Network!
    • Get a mentor that is already doing what you want to do.
    • Join Toastmasters to improve your leadership and presentation skills.
    • Join your occupational association and use their training & networking resources.

Starting a Business

  • Think about what you loved to do in your free time as a kid.
    • Can you make that into a job?

Job Hunting

Consult the employment services at any college you attended or are currently attending
  • Become familiar with your local workforce development website resources and services.

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