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Medical Terminology Resources: Hello CreateFest Participants!

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Link to the Medical Terminology OER Book

We are excited to announce the first ever WTCS CreateFest to develop Open Educational Resources for Medical Terminology! This CreateFest is made possible via generous funding from the WiLS Ideas to Action Fund and work of WTCS OER Champions, including Jane Roisum, Kelly Carpenter, Cindy Domaika and Vince Mussehl.

When connecting to this session, please make sure that you are accessing the environment as a “Guest” on the WTCS MS Teams platform. If you have any questions, please contact Hilary Barker (

Create Fest Participants! (email from Hilary Barker, Ph.D.)

We are excited for tomorrow’s online Create Fest Collaboration! The agenda has been finalized and includes links to various resources and guidance. Please take a quick look at this if you have some time today.

Also, here are the links to the various Medical Terminology chapters that we will focus on for tomorrow, below. Going forward, we will develop a plan to edit and complete the rest of the book chapters. If you are interested in a particular chapter and would like to work on this during the breakout sessions, please add an ‘x’ by your name in the corresponding column in our contributors spreadsheet.

If you have any questions or run into any technical challenges with Microsoft Teams, please let me know!

See you all virtually tomorrow,



Hilary Barker, Ph.D.
Senior Research Analyst  &  WTCS OER Network Coordinator
Wisconsin Technical College System
4622 University Avenue
PO Box 7874
Madison, WI 53705-7874
Tel: 608-266-3592


Please take a look at the Create Fest powerpoint so that you can see when you will present and/or start a breakout session. Please let me know if I need to change anything. Also, please forward this onto other breakout leaders and presenters (e.g., Jane could you forward this to Josh?).

For folks who are helping to lead breakouts sessions, please start a new Teams meeting in the corresponding OER Network Channel.

  • Integumentary System in the ‘Create Fest’ Channel (highlighted in green below – this breakout meeting will take place within the larger Medical Terminology meeting event)
    • Led by Jane Roisum and Heidi Menting
  • Digestive System in the ‘Community for Open Wisconsin’ Channel (highlighted in green below)
    • Led by Kelly Carpenter and LTC team
  • Respiratory System in the ‘MYWTCS OER website’ Channel (highlighted in blue below)
    • Led by Hans Baierl and Jacqueline Schoener
  • Nervous System in the ‘OER Repository’ Channel (highlighted in orange below)
    • Led by Vince Mussehl and CVTC team


To start a new meeting, click on the ‘video’ button underneath the chat prompt and select ‘Meet Now’. Folks should then be able to see the meeting in that channel and be able to select ‘Join meeting’.  For a quick tutorial of this ‘meet now’ function in MS Teams, please view their website guidance.

The formatted chapters of the WTCS Medical Terminology textbook can be found in this Teams folder. If folks would prefer to edit these in Google docs, please just copy and paste the chapter text into a new Google doc and then provide the link to the Google doc in a comment in the original Teams Word Document – so that everything connects back to the MS Team so that we don’t lose track of anything.

After the breakouts, I’m hoping that we will all able to reconvene in the original meeting in the ‘Create Fest – Medical Terminology’ channel, but we could also lose folks along the way who aren’t able to navigate back into it. So, I plan to record the wrap up part of the Create Fest so that folks can then watch the recording of this in the Team after the Create Fest is over. Hopefully this all goes smoothly

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